Websites can be daunting

Are you an artist or maker?
We've created our simple "Website in a Day" program with you in mind!
Website in a Day

We got you

DIY meets hiring an expert in this simple and straight forward program! We guide you through the nitty-gritty with easy to follow questionnaires and tools, helping you make important decisions and gather your content. Once you've completed the guide, you'll be able to book your day with us for your custom designed site. That's when we get to work doing the heavy lifting for you! Because we do this ALL the time, we can honestly get your site up and running in just one day!

  • How much does it cost?

    We charge a flat $1,400 fee for your site. During our pilot program, we will collect half ($700) of that fee at sign-up and half will be due on your scheduled launch day.

    Please note: We will transfer site ownership to you on the day of launch and you will have an unlimited free trial with Shopify until you are ready to start selling. You will need to initiate your Shopify Basic plan in order to collect payment from your customers. At the time of writing Shopify is offering a sale on their Basic plan for $1/month for your first 3 months!

  • What's included?

    In order to offer this service at this price, we’ve outlined the must haves for any artist or maker on a small business site. Here are the specifics on what is (and isn’t) included.


    • Unique Branded Site Design – we will customize our North Fork Shopify Theme for your specific needs. It will intuitively apply your design to all included templates and modules, without lots of settings to adjust every time you edit content or products.
    • 7 Page Templates (Home, About, Events, Contact, Product, Collection and Shop)
    • 10 Styled Modules for use in the included templates and available to any template you create – instructions to build page templates are in our knowledge base.
    • Cart and Checkout Flows
    • Configuration of Taxes, Shipping and Payments
    • Basic Wishlist Functionality – This allows your audience to save their favorites and easily add them to their cart later. This basic functionality utilizes browser storage and is not saved to the user account on your site.
    • Content Buildout – Our guides will walk you through what pieces of content you need, and help you collect that content in a central place.
    • Loading Products (up to 100) – additional products can be loaded if time allows, and instructions on loading your own products are provided in our knowledge base.
    • Set-up of 3 Social Channels to connect your store to Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

    Not Included:

    • Complex revisions to your site design.
      We will make every attempt to deliver a site that reflects your brand, and considers your design needs and preferences. We will often be able to accommodate small design adjustments, but can not offer multiple design options or significant design revisions on day of launch.
    • Loading of any product that requires more than 3 options (size, color, etc.) or has more than 100 variations (unique combinations of options)
      Shopify has limitations that require more complex development and/or paid add-ons to accommodate products beyond the outlined parameters.
    • Shopify Plan Fee
      You will need to pay and maintain your Shopify Basic plan to operate your site.
    • Digital products (pdf downloads, audio files or other media or gated content)
      Shopify does not offer products of this nature without additional paid options or more complex development.
    • User Account Wishlists
      Our wishlist feature takes advantage of browser storage in order to offer wishlist functionality without complex development or extra fees.

  • Does it really happen in one day?

    Yes — and no. Yes we create your site and have it launch ready in one day, but no, you won’t have a site tomorrow. When you sign-up for this program, you’ll get access to several tools and questionnaires designed to help you make critical decisions, gather content, and get everything ready to go. Once you’ve completed the steps, you’ll get a link to book your day!

  • What site platform do you work with?

    We are currently building our “website in a day” sites on Shopify, but hope to offer a similar program for WooCommerce soon. With this program you will get an unlimited free trial to Shopify Basic. You won’t pay for your Shopfiy plan until you are ready to launch and make your first sale!

  • What happens when my site is finished?

    Your participation in the program allows you 60 days of access to our knowledge-base and text support during our business hours. You can opt to extend that access if desired. We are here to support you for the long haul of your site and your business.

  • I already have a site, but am unhappy with it, can I use this program?

    Yes, definitely! We provide some tools to help you export data from your existing platform, and convert that data into a format for Shopify.

  • How do I sign-up?

    Just fill out the form below, and we’ll follow up with first steps and relevant payment details to get you started.