DIY Website Course

How to Build Your Own Website
Do you have or want to have a website for your creative business? Have you tried to make one and got stuck? ... You are in the right place!
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About the Course

Build your website — Yourself

I'm compiling all of the nuts, bolts, and details for you to DIY your own website in an easy to digest online, go at your own pace video course! I'm covering things like domain names and website hosting, what a CMS is and how to update DNS records. All of the common pitfalls I've helped people climb out of when it comes to technology. I'm comparing and contrasting the different platforms and helping you understand how the technology works, so that you can make your own decisions and build a website for yourself with confidence!

Course Modules

What you will learn

  • 01

    We'll dive into common jargon and terms like domain, hosting, and SSL. You'll learn about how they are related but different, and get resources to buy each from a reputable provider at the appropriate market rate, so you know you are getting what you pay for.

  • 02

    I'll compare and contrast the different platform options like WordPress, Shopify or common builders like SquareSpace. We'll talk about eCommerce and how that should impact your decisions on which platform to choose.

  • 03

    I'll cover the marketing technology basics on SEO and email sign-up forms. Things you need to function in order to market your site effectively.

  • 04

    You'll get a checklist you can use to DIY your site. It will help you make decisions with confidence and ensure you've got your bases covered!

  • 05

    I'll also be offering live Q&A sessions to certain course tiers. Sign-up to talk live with me and a handful of other creatives trying to build their own site. Take advantage to ask questions that are specific to you and your business.

Krissie VandeNoord

Krissie VandeNoord

Course Instructor
I have been building websites for almost 20 years. I've written thousands of lines of code, and launched countless sites for my clients... Through the years, I've had so many conversations with other creatives feeling a little lost on what to do about a website. I love to give free advice and I often do... but it has it's limits and at the same time hiring me, or any web developer, is often cost prohibitive to someone trying to get started — so I've come up with a solution, the DIY Website Course!

What it's not

This is not a marketing course — I'm not going to guarantee you'll grow on social media, or gain email followers. Those courses are a dime a dozen and some of them worth while, but I don't consider myself to be a marketer. I'm a technologist and I'll certainly cover the how-tos from a technical perspective on things like SEO and collecting emails, but my goal for you in this course is that you will have a solid understanding of web technology so that you can build your own site with confidence. If this sounds like something you could use, head over to my patreon to get in on the ground floor as I create this course. Become a Patron!